Wood Venetians

Wooden venetian blinds date back almost 300 years. In the first recognizable models window shutters were fitted with wooden slats that could be rotated. Modern wooden venetian blinds consist of timber slats hanging from a mechanism fitted inside a head rail. The mechanism allows the slats to be lowered and raised as well as tilted. The slats are held together by a cord or tape ladder resulting in a functional window blind that combines the natural warmth and beauty of wood with modern design. Wooden blinds create a cosy atmosphere both in living and work spaces. With high-quality timber, reliable mechanisms, and a wide range of finishes, wooden venetian blinds suit almost any interior. We offer a wide selection of wooden venetian blinds with a slat width of 25, 35, 50 or 65 mm. Because of the use of very light-weight timber, abachi and basstree, even large blinds are easy to handle.

White stained blinds and natural whitewood blinds give a light, warm, and airy impression. If you wish to accentuate the historic interior of your home or office, you can go for darker tones.

The timber used for wooden venetian blinds comes from abachi (Triplochiton scleroxylon) or basswood (Tilia americana); our colour chart includes over 100 tones, both mat and glossy. The timber is finished with water-borne or nitrocellulose stain and UV protection lacquer.
Wooden venetian blinds can be manually operated using a two-cord  mechanism, or motorized. For motorized blinds, the control options are a switch or a remote control unit. Wooden venetian blinds are free-hanging or fitted with a fixed bottom rail. For an enhanced appearance, we recommend the colour co-ordinated belt ladder instead of the standard cord ladder.  Wooden valance comes as a standard, identical in colour to the slats, to cover the head rail.
Minimum width for wooden venetian blinds is 200 mm; both maximum width and maximum height are 3000 mm. Limitations on size for specific models depend on slat width and operation system used.