Roller Blinds

The standard roller blind, a window covering that has served mankind for over a century, is a functional, elegant, and harmonizing fabric-based shading solution that may be combined with textile curtains. Roller blinds can be raised and lowered using either a chain, a crank handle, or an electric motor, an increasingly popular choice in a technologically oriented modern world. Our fabric range for roller blinds includes monochromatic, patterned, semi-transparent, blackout, and energy conserving fabrics. As a novelty, we have recently introduced the option of decorating roller blind fabrics with a printed image provided by the customer (there are certain requirements to the quality of the image).

Roller blinds are the most practical type of window shade: they offer plenty of options for interior design, as well as functionality. The main advantage of roller blinds is ease and comfort of use. When used along with textile curtains, roller blinds create a cosy atmosphere in the living room or nursery and a pleasant darkness in the bedroom. A partially drawn roller blind spreads the light softly throughout the living room or office.

Our standard fabric range consists of almost 600 fabrics with different textures, colours, and levels of transparency, including monochromatic, patterned, blackout, and thermal insulation fabrics. In addition, we offer exclusive and specialist fabrics on order from several European suppliers.
New fabrics with the SPC (Solar Protective Coating) marking reflect thermal radiation much more efficiently giving more control over the incoming heat in the summer and the warmth escaping from the building in the winter. The SPC marked fabrics are fire retardant and therefore significantly better suited for public spaces.
In our standard selection you will also find multi-functional sheer fabrics, or screens, for use in external as well as internal roller blinds. Sheer fabrics are woven from glass fibre, which makes them resistant to high temperatures; even exposure to very intensive sunlight will not cause deformation.
Alongside the standard white chain drives (chain and pulley), we offer exclusive metal chain drives in antique brass and silver. Metal chains do not lose colour in the sunlight and they are easy to clean. The other available operation systems are spring mechanisms and electric motors. Motorized roller blinds can be operated either with a wall switch, a remote control, or a programmable control unit.
For added character, roller blinds may be fitted with aluminium or plastic bottom rails with various cross sections, and also edgings, fringes, or braids attached to the lower edge of the fabric below the bottom rail.

If you are looking for still more decorative detail and want the roller blind on your window to be truly a work of art, a striking jewel in your home décor, seize the exclusive opportunity to have an artistic reproduction printed on your blind. The blind will be designed and made to measure according to your wishes, using the image of your choice.

The minimum width for roller blinds is 200 mm, maximum width 3700 mm, and standard height 1800 mm. The limitations on size depend on the chosen model and operation system.