Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the blind of choice for office spaces, but are also increasingly popular in homes. This type of blind is exceptionally practical for covering large windows. Although a technical blind, it will also give a warm and cosy feel to living spaces. Vertical blinds are often preferred because of their functionality. Standard vertical blinds are operated manually using a cord and a chain or a single wand – for child-safe environment.

Vertical blinds are an easy way of adjusting the amount of incoming sunlight by rotating the vertical slats. Vertical blinds can be drawn open to one side, allowing full light exposure, or can be shut and rotated to achieve the optimum light level required for the customer. Vertical Blinds are available with 89mm vanes.

Stylish and functional, vertical blinds suit windows with very different architectural solutions. Simplicity of operation and the use of different systems allow vertical blinds to be fitted on windows with various shapes and sizes.
In addition to the standard cord-and-chain controls, the wand system and electric motors are now available for vertical blinds.

We carry a selection of over 600 different slat materials. There are soft and pastel colours, textured fabrics, textile-like materials for home interiors, and printed and corroded fabrics. Among the specialist articles in our selection you will find materials with a light and heat reflecting coating, certified fire resistant materials, and full blackout materials. Rigid PVC Vanes are also often preferred for their moisture resistant properties.