Aluminium Venetians

The standard aluminium venetian blind is a stylish shading solution that offers efficient solar protection. Because of their flexibility, aluminium venetian blinds are the most popular technical window blind worldwide. They are extremely durable and easy to use. As an investment, aluminium venetian blinds (especially when installed between window panes) have the shortest payback period of all window coverings due to savings on heating and cooling costs.

The standard aluminium venetian blind is the perfect choice:
• if you need a window blind for adjusting light conditions: by rotating the slats it is easy to change the amount of incoming light;
• if you seek privacy: a closed venetian blind blocks the view inside as well as outside;
• if you want good working conditions: aluminium venetian blinds are an efficient means of adjusting room temperature, reflecting most of the thermal radiation as well as the sunlight reaching the window.

We offer a wide range of standard aluminium venetian blinds with 16, 25, 35, and 50 mm slats. Our colour chart is the largest in Kildare with over a 100 different colours; the selection includes mat, glossy, and metallic paints, wood imitations, perforated slats, and retro patterns. We also offer blind components (head and bottom rails, ladders, lifting cords, and drawing cords) colour coordinated with the slats.

Aluminium slats have a durable baked enamel finish. The use of special alloys and deep profiling avoids deformation of slats due to sunlight or moderate mechanical contact. The enamel finish is anti-static thus reducing dust collection. The special treatment of the slat materials makes them resistant to increased indoor temperatures and humidity levels. Standard aluminium venetian blinds consist of a head rail that houses the mechanism and the slats forming the window shade. The slats are raised/lowered and rotated using two controls: the drawing cords, and the tilting rod. As an alternative to the standard rod-and-cord system, we offer a combined control system for 16 and 25 mm slat blinds.
The combined control system “Combi” has a single visible control unit with the drawing cords hidden inside the tubular tilting rod and hanging out of its lower end. We particularly recommend the combined control system to families with small children or pets for whom free hanging drawing cords may prove a hazardous attraction.
We also produce 35 and 50 mm venetian blinds with single control operating systems using a circulating drawing cord, a crank handle, or a switch/remote control (for motorized blinds). With single control systems, the operations are performed in sequence: first the slats rotate and then move up or down. Electric motors are available in both tilt only and tilt-and-draw versions as follows:
Venetian blinds can be mounted to the window frame, between the glass panes, to the ceiling, or to the wall.
Our standard models of aluminium venetian blinds are with a slat width of 16, 25, 35, and 50 mm.
The minimum width for aluminium venetian blinds is 160 mm; maximum width and height 3000 mm. The minimum and maximum dimensions depend on slat width and the model chosen. The blinds are made to measurements provided by the customer.