Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are an elegant technical shading solution for all windows, well suited for both modern and minimalist as well as opulently elaborate interiors. The blinds are drawn in curving pleats, a distinctive feature common to all Roman blinds. Of all mechanized blinds, Roman blinds are the least technical-looking, since all the technology is hidden away behind the window covering. The blinds are drawn manually, with a cord or chain, or alternatively they may be motorized. Depending on the materials used, the functionality of the mechanism may be combined with the natural softness, plasticity, and radiance of the fabric. Sunorek offers a wide selection of Roman blinds with a variety of mechanisms, control options, and materials.

Textile Roman blinds are a mechanized shading solution with a particular emphasis on the features of the fabric and easy of handling with beaded chain. The blinds are aesthetically appealing, with a warm and cosy look, and a long working life.
Roman blinds are recommended:
-       if you need functionality;
-       if you expect your blinds to be easy to handle;
-       if you want plenty of options;
-       if you are looking for blinds that can be drawn at both ends;
-       if you are attracted by the diversity of materials;
-       if you need blinds for a minimalist, modern, or classic interior.